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Sibling Gin Distillery are a family run business based here in Cheltenham Spa. Their name derives from the brother and sister team that run this great business. Their Distillery is the first of its kind in Europe – made from glass and stainless steel, it allows absolute clarity both during the whole process. Everything is created and distilled on site – no base spirits are used, meaning what these guys create is a truly unique and a work of art in its own right.


For Shadowplay it was a pleasure to work with a local business that has such a buzz and to be able to help at the start of the process and produce visuals that do the product justice. The brief was to create a set of eye catching visuals that first and foremost focus on the Gin but at the same time reinforce the sophisticated and refreshing nature of the drink.

Pulling inspiration from the ingredients and the craftsmanship that goes into the whole process, we homed in on one of the key flavour notes of the gin which are blueberries. The frosted blueberries provided a perfect background from which the bottle could emerge, whilst at the same time paying homage to the carefully considered ingredients and the perfect blending of them.

The second image delved deeper into the product, looking at the perfect manner into which one would look to serve the gin. Speaking with all the Siblings this would be a full measure of sibling gin poured over fresh crisp ice and finished with a balanced sparkling tonic, nothing more. Bearing this in mind we wanted to create an image that would encompass this ideal and I think we succeeded.

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