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Pioneering clothing brand &Sons embark on a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds in support of its launch. The innovative outfitters founded by Phil James, of Shadowplay, will seek to crowd fund £50,000 with a 45 day drive that was unveiled on Friday 22nd July 2016.


Phil James said: “The idea for this project came about when I found myself trying to find clothes that were functional and hardwearing for my day job but also fashionable, comfortable and ultimately something I felt proud wearing. I also wanted a certain ‘look’ but found myself shopping around from several different websites. And so… &Sons was born, catering for a discerning customer looking for a classic, timeless style. We loved the idea of a Kickstarter campaign to get us off the ground as the thought that people were voting with their own investment for what they wanted to see hanging in their wardrobe really resonated with the team. We really hope fashionable folk far and wide will dig deep and back this exciting vision.”

The ethos behind the &Sons brand is to support innovation while valuing the skills of artisans where hard-won expertise is passed on from one generation to the next. The functional aspects of the collection are born from a frustration of not having fashionable clothing that has a functional and practical edge. “We’ve taken the best from the past and made clothes for the here and now.”

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