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Posted by - July 1, 2014 - Domestic, Motion, Residence 9, Video


Residence 9 are an emerging British brand that have engineered & designed a modern & beautiful window system designed to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash Timber Window. Shadowplay paired up with Residence 9 to help them produce a video that they could supply to all their retailers that sell their product at customer level & to have a dynamic visual for their giant screen at the 2014 FIT trade show.

Catching the early morning sunrise on the day of the shoot set the tone for a beautiful video piece that promises to engross and encapsulate viewers. Throughout the video showcases the R9 brand values of luxury & design, as well as highlighting the very British nature of Residence 9 that inspires these core values. At all points throughout the piece the messages of security, warmth, elegance & craftsmanship are the focus. The style is sleek with elegant camera moves on jib arms, slow time lapses, lateral pans & slow focus pulls. Using a shallow depth of field the piece focuses the viewers attention & leads their eye. The equally beautiful sunset provided a fitting visual that made the perfect bookended for the piece.

Produced across two days & four beautiful homes all eagerly put forward by some very house proud homeowners. With footage captured between Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire & Oxfordshire.

Subsequently since the delivery of the video, R9 have had a very successful FIT 2014 trade show & are now rolling out this video to all their stockiest up & down the country to use as a key marketing tool. This allows R9 the reassurance that their hard work & effort in building a product & brand with key strong values is maintained in the hands of others.

“Working with Shadowplay was effortless, and totally rewarding. From first seeing the concept & storyboard we knew these guys were the right company to work with.  This was the first time our company had done anything of this nature, so we were completely new to the whole experience.  The team at Shadowplay are an amazing bunch, and worked wonders… totally putting our fears at rest in producing marketing material within this medium. On location they were professional, energetic, and understood the delicate nature of filming in someone’s home.  Shadowplay really helped us with what we needed right the way till delivery. The end product is exactly what we were looking for, and has positioned us ahead of our competition.  Our customer feedback has been nothing short of spectacular, and has kicked our brand on to the next level…. All I can say is a really big thank you to Shadowplay,  truly wonderful and inspiring stuff!!” 

Lee Marriott – Sales Manager for Residence 9


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