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Established by an advertising photographer who wanted to push his imagery further, Shadowplay is a busy production studio full of visual storytellers and image makers.

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Film in essence is simply a series of stills. It is a visual medium that has been at the core of Shadowplay since the start and one which we have a huge passion for.

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Through clever and creative storytelling, audio-visual messages can cut through the thicket of complex ideas and text heavy presentations.

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Retouching allows you to pull together a wealth of assets that could never be captured in one shot. It gives you the freedom to explore outside of the single moment and build an image that fits your creative idea perfectly.

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Anything can be animated, rotated, exploded to reveal previously unexplorable details or USP’s. CG still images can be generated for print while animations of the same image can provide ‘motion adverts’ to support cross platform campaigns

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To every job we bring a wealth of experience and expertise in managing shoots and projects from huge location shoots spanning multiple days and locations to the straight forward shoots here in the studio.

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