We produce CGI which engages your audience and conveys your message in an effective way.

Our ‘Real World’ knowledge has transferred perfectly to the ‘Virtual studio’ that we work within to create 3D objects and worlds.

CGI has changed the face of advertising.

The lines have been blurred between ‘reality and virtual’ and they have opened up amazing possibilities.

Cars can be generated on screen rather than spending immeasurable amounts of getting the car to the location, organic objects can grow naturally from your screen and wild animals can walk down a crowded city street.

We can animated, rotated, and exploded to reveal unexplorable details or USP’s.

CG still images can be generated for print while animations of the same image can provide ‘motion adverts’ to support cross platform campaigns. Providing consistency of style and brand across all media.

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Shadowplay are specialists in:

  • Film CGI
    We combine cutting edge techniques in animation, lighting and modeling with a deep understanding of realism to create stunning film.
  • Photographic CGI
    We can create images using CGI that can easily be repurposed for all aspects of your campaign, across any media.

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