Retouching allows you to pull together a wealth of assets that could never be captured in one shot.

Retouching allows you to pull together a wealth of assets that could never be captured in one shot. It gives you the freedom to explore outside of the single moment and build an image that fits your creative idea perfectly.

Retouching offers an expansion of the creative possibilities to image making.

From simple colour grading to major overhauls of a RAW image, to multi part compositions requiring cut-outs and compositing into other scenes – be it existing photography, or bespoke created CGI renders.

With a keen eye for detail we can create a level realism.

Our retouchers, photographers and CGI artists collaborate using the raw elements, their eye for detail, their experience and finesse for creating a level realism to create a stunning final image.

We are happy to work on projects with other photographers

We are always excited to work closely with other photographers and are always happy to advise or help with any post production needs. The same level of quality is executed no matter the scale of the image or the budget available.

Commercial and portfolio rates are available and we are also interested in talking about any exciting collaborative projects.

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Shadowplay are specialists in:

  • Advertising Imagery Retouching
    We use imaginative image making to create standout advertising campaignes.
  • Product Image Retouching
    Our team can take a photograph and turn it into a stricking image for your online shop or for a physical product that you need to show off.
  • Scamps and visuals
    We are able to create scamps/visuals to help you pre-visualise your ideas or messages more effectively.

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