Posted by - April 3, 2014 - Advert, Animation, Motion, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion, TDA, Video, Zurich


With the legislation for pensions & investments changing for the UK it leaves a lot of employers & employees with question that they need answered. Zurich, in an effort to make this information as accessible & understandable as possible, while hopefully being as appealing to the eye.

Working again with TDA was a real joy, they put forward three specific ideas that they have formed with Zurich & came to Shadowplay for the production. Animation was selected as the best method of approach, the transfer of the ‘human’ element to an object, character or simply a voice over, means that you can appeal to a general audience without offending any individuals. Shadowplay presented a variety of ideas utilising motion graphics as well as animations from which the three you see here were selected.

With the subject of peoples money at stake there were finer details that had to be adhered too. The main aim was to have three final video piece that would be informative while holding the interest of any & all types of members of the general public. Small business owners with a few staff need to be able to obtain the same relevant information as each individual employed by a large international business with staff in the UK.

Shadowplay have hopefully delivered three very different pieces that work together & compliment one another in a very Shadowplay way.


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